Andy Morris - Manager of the Employability mentoring Scheme at De Montfort University

Aamir is highly motivated and driven young professional.

He has excellent self-belief in his ability to affect positive change in the lives of others, borne I believe from his own drive and success following consistent and intentional exploration beyond his comfort zones in order to address the areas of his own development that he saw potential to grow. He is a talented young man, in particular possessing strong traits of passion, positivity and enthusiasm. He is goal oriented, smart and totally focused on development. He relishes a challenge and commits to learning from experiences no matter how difficult, even if things do not turn out for him the way he intended, sometimes in the most difficult of circumstances. He is above most things, resilient.

I have observed him speak to a range of students on campus on different occasions in my time working with him as a mentor on my scheme. Aamir is consistent, professional and always on cue to contribute, validate, endorse, add to, contrast or challenge viewpoints as required. He enjoys the opportunity to work with people and does not fear the spotlight. He listens carefully and articulates himself well and focuses his attention on challenging individuals to consider how they get the best out of themself using himself as the example, as a good mentor should. He is punctual, organised, audience aware and energised by responding to the needs of those he is speaking to. Students have fed back very positively about him following his talks and his participation in group mentoring. I have also received excellent feedback from his one to one mentee too. They use words such as ‘inspirational’ and ‘role model’.

In all, I would sum up Aamir a driven change maker. He possesses a positive tenacity that has a genuine concern for others and their personal and professional development. I believe he has what it takes to become the motivational speaker he aims to be.